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Prevent Flu Without Vaccinations

The best ally in fighting any kind of illness is the immune system, so the best flu prevention strategy is to strengthen and support it. Minor ozone treatment mixes a small amount of a person’s blood with ozone and then injects it intramuscularly back into the body.

Dr. Katka Novakova, M.D. (Czech), ND, who offers the treatment in Scottsdale, says, “This helps to stimulate the production of natural killer cells and the nonspecific part of the immune system, which is the first line of defense against flu viruses and other pathogens that cause upper respiratory infections. Minor ozone is most effective for flu prevention when repeated two to three times during the flu season. It may also be used to prevent or treat illness when traveling by air or after exposure to a sick person.”

Ozone therapy is purportedly safe and effective and has been used in Europe, Canada, Asia, Australia, Mexico and other countries for more than 60 years.

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