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A Phoenix Rises in Phoenix: The Summit Lighthouse gets a new name

Dec 04, 2012 08:52AM ● By By Rosa Fleur

For more than 50 years, the Summit Lighthouse has been publishing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, the mystics and sages of East and West that graduated from Earth's schoolroom and attained union with God. A good introduction is to read Karma and Reincarnation, by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Now, the Summit Lighthouse of Scottsdale has appended its name with “of Phoenix.” The purpose is to help people find the Teachings of the Ascended Masters more easily by using the name of a major city and show that this is a community that provides a vital type of education to promote soul growth and soul freedom.

Phoenix is a place where many people settle that are searching and seeking a higher consciousness. The phoenix is an ancient symbol of regeneration. In Medieval times, Hermetists regarded the phoenix as a symbol of alchemical transmutation, a process equivalent to human regeneration.

The original Phoenicians in ancient times were traders, most famous for extracting and dealing in a very expensive dye, Tyrian purple, from the murex sea animal. Only royalty could afford it. Therefore, Phoenician meant dealers in purple. Today in the Aquarian age, all people, not only Phoenicians, can learn how to use purple—but as a purple light called the violet flame, that can actually help us make positive changes and help free us to fulfill our unique mission.

This violet flame, an attribute of the Holy Spirit, can accelerate, by alchemical transmutation, old habits, addictions and karma that has accumulated over years and lifetimes. The violet flame can also help alleviate the challenges and crises in today's world.

While visualizing and giving mantras, called decrees, the use of the violet flame is a form of meditation, made known by Saint Germain in the 1930s. The Summit Lighthouse of Phoenix offers a practical understanding of this science of the spoken word in workshops and book studies throughout the Valley that teach the use of the violet flame, and offer a pathway for practical spirituality from the Ascended Masters for personal growth. When people of like mind get together and use the violet flame, a huge increase of light and love is released to our Earth.

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