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Help Haiti with Health Products: Here's a great way to provide health products to a nutritionally impoverished population

Americans’ seasonal generosity is extensive, reaching overseas with a helping hand to neighboring countries, including those in desperate need in Haiti. Steven Frank, owner of Nature’s Rite, maker of natural organic herbal-based products, has launched his own Haiti Relief Project as a way for people to help send the company’s health products to a nutritionally impoverished population.

Haiti is still struggling to recover from the 7.0 earthquake that killed nearly 300,000 people on January 12, 2010, and many residents have been living in makeshift shelters ever since. Last August, Hurricane Isaac brought severe flooding to much of the country, causing mudslides and additional destruction to already vulnerable areas.

After a recent trip to Haiti, Frank reports that the main hospital in Port-au-Prince is still a pile of rubble surrounding a rough shell. He found that most people must rely on the generosity of roadside clinics, often set up in tents, when their health problems become unbearable.

“There is no health insurance for most of them, and the minimum expense is well beyond what they have or can earn. When I asked a local whether he would visit the hospital for his typhoid, he said, ‘No. We try drinking tea or anything else. We don’t have the $200 it would take just to get in.’ I gave him a bottle of Typhoid Relief and hoped for the best,” says Frank.

A section on allows website visitors to select company products totaling up to $20, $50 or more that cover joint, respiratory, digestive, skin and other health issues for shipment to Haiti. Products are designed to help alleviate rash, eczema, foot fungus, sinusitis, shingles, osteoporosis, food poisoning and many other conditions.

For more information or to contribute (not tax-deductible), visit or call 888-465-4404.

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