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Visionary Novel Explores Shift in Consciousness: New Chapter Publisher releases a new book just in time for December 21

New Chapter Publisher presents Piero Rivolta’s visionary novel, Journey Beyond 2012, just in time for the “end of the world” on December 21, when the Mayan calendar reboots. Unlike many doomsday scenarios, this story does not have tsunamis, viral epidemics, earthquakes or meteors attacking our world, but examines the potential for a positive shift in human consciousness.

The story focuses on three people: an engineer that works on large-scale construction projects all over the globe, his wife, and a financier and business acquaintance that tries to come between them. As December 21 approaches, each imagines a different turning point. The engineer approaches the “deadline” with creative curiosity, while his wife welcomes greater intuition that allows a deeper understanding of others’ motives.

The financier, concerned about holding on to his material possessions, imagines an apocalypse and follows the couple to Switzerland, believing they know how to stay safe in the Alps. How each copes with what actually happens brings the novel to an unexpected, yet fitting climax and suggests a new direction for the new millennium.

“Whether or not you believe the world is going to go through some kind of turmoil on December 21, reading this book might just teach you a little something about yourself,” writes author Erin O’Riordan.

The book is available at; signed copies are offered at

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