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Transforming Lives From Within: Lynn M. Bunch describes four core areas to concentrate on and jumpstart your transformation

Dec 04, 2012 08:52AM ● By Lynn M. Bunch

It has been said that, “Transformation begins from within,” and the saying couldn’t be more accurate. Where most people get stuck is how to make it happen. Questions such as, “How do I even begin making the transformations?” and “What area of my life should I start with?” are common. For those asking these questions and that have felt stuck in their personal growth journey, there are four core areas to concentrate on and jumpstart the transformation.

Focusing on Relationships

Starting with relationships, even when transformation begins from within, is a means of looking at what we require from them, because there is an essential element of living authentically and being true to ourselves. Too often in romantic or other relationships, we compromise ourselves and lose sight of our desires and eventually, who we are.

This was a way of life for many people, and it often takes time to establish a clear vision of what they want, determine the “bottom line” in relationships and learn the art of compromise without compromising themselves.

Embracing Our Truth

Major transformation occurs when we embrace our truth and live authentically, being truly who we are. Releasing judgment is the first and perhaps largest, barrier on the road to living authentically. Children innately live in their truth, expressing themselves freely. Getting older, we become more aware of judgment and learn to protect ourselves by concealing our truth. This behavior continues into adulthood. The trouble is that we are typically not conscious of the process. To reconnect with our truth and thus begin the transformation process, the barriers (judgments) that are keeping us from living authentically must be cleared.

Moving beyond judgment and negativity isn’t easy, but doing so will enable us to reconnect with our life’s passions and purpose.

Unwavering Commitment to Our Truth

We all wear different hats and fulfill different roles—mother, father, son, daughter, wife, husband, man, woman—and it’s common to feel confident in one role and not so confident in another.

Part of the journey to true transformation is discovering our unique human characteristics and how to merge them with our core truth to improve how we interact in life. Knowing what we require in relationships and embracing our truth is instrumental in determining who we are in our respective roles.

Awakening Our Heart Connection

The final piece of the puzzle is learning to remain steadfast to the present moment and our true self. It’s human nature to fall back into routines and patterns, but real transformation occurs when we are able to remain in our truth during challenging times without feeling hurt, angry or even numb.

Some people tend to fall out of alignment in certain situations, but not in others. They can gradually learn to turn to their inner guidance for the tools to assist them in changing the way they interact and still remain connected with their true self at all times. Eventually, they may become aware of these actions of self-examination when they aren’t feeling connected and learn how to stay present and passionate at all times.

While transformation does begin within, we sometimes all need support. Surrounding ourselves with positive forces in our lives and seeking out educational courses geared toward personal growth are steps in the right direction. Though we are ultimately the ignition that sparks our own transformation, this support will serve as our fuel.

For those looking to transform their lives and find themselves in need of support, the Center for Intuitive Development offers four programs to help individuals get started: Intuitive Relationships, Embracing Your Truth, 7 Human Roles and Awakening Your Heart Connection.

Lynn M. Bunch is an intuitive educator and the founder of the Center for Intuitive Development, in Phoenix, an educational center dedicated to self-awareness, personal and professional development and spiritual enlightenment. For more information, visit

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