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Having it All, Without the Guilt

Let’s face it; dessert is the best-tasting part of the meal, especially if it is chocolate. We always have to eat dinner to get the reward, and we know it’s bad for us. But what if you could have pleasure without guilt? What if dessert was actually healthy for you, maybe more healthy than dinner? The secret is out. Phoenix Chiropractor Harlan Sparer has written a new book, Dessert Before Dinner: A Raw Dessert Uncookbook.

In part one, he discusses how to make dessert healthy, even for diabetics. Part two is chock full of a variety of pies, cakes and truffles that are 100 percent gluten-free, egg-free, sugar-free and full of a wealth of healthy vitamins, minerals and live food. The uncanny part is that the tastes and textures are very close to identical to their junky evil counterparts. Learn how to eat healthy, starting with dessert.

This book is available currently directly from the author in its original printed form for $20 at his Free Raw Chocolate Classes, or by contacting him. For more information, contact Dr. Harlan Sparer at 480-245-7894 or D[email protected].