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Turn A Resolution Into A Solution: Don't suffer from joint pain any longer; Dr. Paul Stallone shows us how

Dec 31, 2012 10:56AM ● By Paul Stallone, NMD

New Year’s resolutions are based on good intentions, but most are never put into action—at least not for long. Unless you’ve had the misfortune of being seriously ill, improving your quality of life probably hasn’t been on a resolution list. Everyday complaints are often either ignored or temporarily silenced with Band-Aid remedies. This year, why not make a resolution to finally feel good?

For those with chronic joint pain, there are permanent treatment options that address the source of the problem to naturally eliminate joint pain. At some point you must have damaged that area, and joints have very limited blood flow, which is required to carry out proper healing. Without the key ingredients to heal the damage, you’re left with a compromised joint that is unstable and vulnerable to future injuries. Most people reach for an over-the-counter pain reliever and make do.

A great resolution would be to treat the knee or elbow pain that flares up during a workout or stops you from enjoying a hike. A sad reality is many people adjust their lifestyle around these joint pains and gradually stop doing what used to give them joy. Even simple tasks around the house, like baking, folding laundry or even putting a plate away in a cabinet can cause significant pain. An easy resolution is to try a simple treatment and see what happens.

Prolozone provides a good treatment for joint pain, even for those suffering from arthritis, because Prolozone can reconstruct ligaments, strengthen tendons and help cartilage. It also helps to break down scar tissue or prevent it from forming. A key factor in Prolozone is ozone, a cousin of oxygen. Ozone is a highly reactive molecule, and when injected into a joint capsule, it encourages its fibroblastic joint-repairing capabilities. Prolozone may initiate tightening and healing of slack structures and partially torn connective tissue and ligaments.

Another treatment that may be a great solution to joint pain is platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Tiger Woods received the treatment back in 2009, although it's been around much longer than that. Woods isn’t the only celebrity announcing they’ve received treatments with PRP. Troy Polamalu is a strong safety from a little football team called the Pittsburgh Steelers, and although he is known more for his flowing hair and skill set, he too, received PRP, and the Steelers won the Super Bowl the year Polamalu had multiple PRP treatments.

PRP therapy starts with obtaining a blood sample from the patient receiving the treatment and then placing it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the rest of the biological matter. Once separated, the concentrated platelets are then injected into the injured area. These platelets promote healing and tissue re-growth, while also slowing down or halting the formation of scar tissue. A critical component of tissue repair and healing, these platelets, which normally make up about 6 percent of blood, work by harnessing the power of cells and concentrating their numbers, encouraging the body to heal itself with its own biological matter.

Prolozone and PRP are just two treatment options available for people that suffer from joint pain. While these therapies should provide a lasting solution, there are also natural supplements to decrease pain and inflammation. Don’t let another year go by filled with pain and isolation. An easy resolution to keep is to explore these treatments.

Paul Stallone, NMD, founded the Arizona Integrative Medical Center, located at 8144 E. Cactus Rd., Ste. 820, in Scottsdale. He combines natural/alternative/conventional treatments to best fit and benefit each individual patient’s needs. For more information, call 480-214-3922 or visit

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