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Event Spotlight: Death & Dying Conference: Scottsdale conference February 22-24 addresses the inevitable transition we all must make

The Real Double Ds of Life—Death and Dying Conference, will be held from February 22 to 24, at Chaparral Suites, in Scottsdale. Inspiration for the event came when Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce (AZHCC) Executive Director Janet Gangl received an email seeking guidance about the difficulty a man was having watching a dying loved one fight cancer.

He lamented that because nobody tells us how to die, it seems that we all make the end of our lives a struggle, filled with stress and worry, instead of peace. Later, as she was having dinner with AZHCC member Barbara Saint John, the two women began creating The Real Double Ds of Life—Death and Dying Conference, where guests will receive valuable information about the ultimate journey.

This conference is a must see for anyone experiencing or that has experienced the loss of a loved one, as well as anyone that is a caregiver for a parent or other loved one who is dying. The practical and emotional burdens of loss, grief and caring for terminally ill loved ones can be overwhelming, and the uncertainty of economic collapse adds to the perplexing dilemmas of life at the end of life. Sometimes we just don’t know what to do; we don’t even know what to feel or what to say. A group of esteemed professionals will address many aspects of the inevitable transition that we all must make.

Dr. Raymond Moody, a bestselling author and leading authority on near-death experiences, will deliver a keynote presentation, On the Frontiers of Life, addressing the issues of life at the end of life.

Dr. Robert Pease, a transpersonal counselor and psychic numerologist, will talk about the near-death experience and the no-death experience, including his own story.

Barbara Saint John, a certified grief recovery specialist, will address what to do when faced with an emotional crisis.

Marilyn Poscic, a nationally known intuitive angel messenger/medium, author and educator, will teach participants how to connect with the angels to receive guidance and healing for grief and loss.

Claire Perkins, an award-winning author and expressive arts coach, will provide tools and inspiration for a creative journey through grief into healing.

Stacey Canfield, founder and visionary of Soul Sitters, will equip guests with their own Passage Plan—a comprehensive blueprint for a graceful passing.

Dr. Ann Ragobar, a grief counselor and final phase transitional facilitator, will address the critical aspects of caregiving.

Karla Kay, a grief coach and advisor, will talk about how to mentor someone else through grief and loss and present a new model for the grief journey.

Bill Cantrell, a licensed certified public accountant, certified financial planner and chartered life underwriter, and Hillary Gagnon, Partner, Jennings, Haug & Cunningham, LLP, will help attendees create financial peace of mind by proactively addressing end of life plans.

Register by January 15 to save over $100 on admission. Sponsorships are available. Location: 5001 N. Scottsdale Rd. For more information, visit