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Ascension: Where Science and Spirituality Meet

Feb 01, 2013 03:52PM ● By Aleya Annaton

Many people were disappointed that no prophecies or ascensions were realized on December 21, 2012. But instead of a mystical experience where people disappear into another dimension, perhaps ascension really means the ability for a civilization to leave their home planet. When we control gravity and travel to the stars, we may find the key to creation and another side to the universe—the spiritual realm.

Nassim Haramein, a physicist with a paradigm-shifting, spiritually based unified field theory, believes he has discovered the source of gravity in a second side of the universe that is contracted within a black hole.

He claims all that is known about reality is based on just 4 percent of what must be out there, because scientists have observed that the universe is expanding at such a rate that 96 percent more mass than all the matter observed in the universe is needed to cause this expansion, and it is simply missing. Scientists have coined names for this missing material, calling it dark matter or dark energy, but Haramein does not believe the force is a theoretical particle.

Instead, his theory states that because all matter is three-dimensional, it can be divided to infinity, creating infinite density, or a black hole, at the center of every particle, and that is what causes gravity and accounts for the missing mass. It cannot be measured because it does not emit electromagnetism, and Haramein ponders if that is why we can’t measure paranormal phenomena such as telepathy, remote viewing, energy healing or clairvoyance. This technology may be here very soon, bringing profound change and ascension.

Aleya Annaton is author of The Technology Of God, A Quest For The Secret Of Creation. Learn more at and purchase the book as a paperback, kindle, PDF or audiobook.

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