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Creating Success with Hypnosis

Phoenix Clinical Hypnotist Michael Bucy, of Deeply Relaxed, LLC, has helped Arizona residents change their lives with hypnosis for more than 12 years. Now, on the first anniversary at his new office, he is providing the Gastro Band Hypnosis weight-loss program.

This powerful hypnosis weight-loss program is an effective and easy path to bring about weight loss without drugs, diet or surgery. It is also effective for smoking cessation, stress relief, addiction recovery and anxiety relief.

Bucy helps clients identify and achieve specific goals in a healthy, natural way. He uses hypnosis to remove barriers and negative self-talk so that they reach their goals more quickly.

Location: 2345 E. Thomas Rd., Ste. 280 (Green Gables Office Complex), Phoenix. Bucy can be reached at 602-345-1114 or or [email protected].

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