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Creating a Heart-Based World in Peru: Learn about the awakenings found by traveling to this beautiful country

Apr 01, 2013 02:49PM ● By Corinne L. Casazza

Jose Luis Delgado, author of Andean Awakening: An Inca Guide to Mystical Peru, is known around the world as a knowledgeable guide of the sacred valley and high plateau of the Andes Mountains, in South America. His knowledge spans the culture, traditions and the spiritual heritage of the vibrant Inca world.

Delgado believes we are multidimensional beings, and as such, we have many possibilities to be aware of who we are, saying, “We are only aware of the physical, material and scientific aspects of ourselves—we are only enjoying part of our existence.”

Peru can awaken our multidimensionality by helping us let go of our resistance, which Delgado defines as heavy energies from the past. He feels it’s one of the strongest blockages we have in our lives. “We believe our history is who we are, but it’s just an experience. One of our biggest challenges is to really love the past. When we love ourselves, we must love all our experiences, the shadow part of ourselves. Being able to love these heavy energies and not have any attachment to them is when we can let them go.”

It’s important for us to release any resistance we have because, “Once we lose it, we become aware that we have great powers like love and wisdom. We still believe joy comes from outside. We are so attached to the heavy energies. We need to shake all that. We have a tendency to be attached. Imagine—when we really start to discover who we are, we start to make the difference,” says Delgado.

All these processes begin with remembering who we are. In the Inca tradition, the practice is to start each morning facing the sunrise. “We open our arms to the sun and bring it to our hearts. We are containers of light,” Delgado says. “We remember that light is love, service and wisdom. We start with love and without fear. We remember who we are.”

According to the Inca, our present day is known as Pachakuti, or the new sunrise. It means the “return of the essence of the cosmos” and marks a very special time. According to Delgado, “We believe this first light is the food of the heart. It brings life force energy. It is the moment we awaken. It is the moment we remember the essence of who we are, the essence of creation.”

The new sunrise is the unknown and holds a lot of magic. “In the new day, we are entering into the world of love, the world of spirit, the world of magic,” he says. “By magic, I mean what is not possible to explain with the rational mind. I really believe this is a day when we have opened portals to bring in the essence of who we are.”

In this new day, Delgado says we don’t have to be worried about each other. “We just have to love ourselves. This is the most important contribution we can bring in the new day, because through the love of ourselves, we can see with clarity who we are. We can see the light beings we are. We begin to know we come from love. We really become the expression of Mother Earth so the luminosity of the sun can shine through us. Everybody is like a crystal. Everybody is a ray of sun. That is the origin of name ‘Inca’. Everybody is an Inca.”

Delgado feels we use power places to leave something behind that doesn’t belong to us; something we want to release. To those that would sojourn with Delgado to Peru, his mystical homeland, he says, “Our ancestors found such powerful places that they anchored beautiful dreams in many, many spots. They anchored prayers and they anchored refined energies. In communion with the spirits of the mountains, they created cities where we can have an explosion inside of us. This is the explosion of the resistance inside us. We can flow with our one essence. Peru is a place to remember. A traveler to Peru will say, ‘There was my life before Peru and my life after Peru.’”

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