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A Woman’s Heart: Personal growth coach Erin Patterson delivers powerful insights that can touch us all

Apr 30, 2013 06:23PM ● By Erin Patterson

A woman’s heart will speak of its longing and of dreams not yet spoken. It will speak of dreams discarded, unrealized, and the hope for new dreams and possibilities. It will speak of love lost, love unrequited and the yearning for love of the most pure and true kind. A woman’s heart will speak of the fears of opening yet one more time and the courage needed for taking that risk. It will share wisdom such as, “Do not give your power to anyone,” “Look within for everything,” and “Love yourself.”

A woman’s heart will tell her truths, as in “You are beautiful, you are smart, you are worthy, you are fabulous; do not listen to others who may tell you otherwise.” Her heart will share advice; advice she would give her best girlfriend, but that she has yet to give herself. It will say, “It is now time to leave that relationship,” “You deserve better” or “This job no longer serves you.”

A woman’s heart will whisper to her in the silence, in the quiet spaces of solitude and contemplation. It will speak when the rest of the world still sleeps, or when she chooses to silence all else and journeys within to listen to its voice only. A woman must listen to her heart or risk its becoming silent. For in listening to her heart, a woman shall take a wondrous voyage to the center of herself, and she will discover who she is and what it is that will give her the freedom and joy to truly soar.

A woman’s heart is the most amazing compass. It will guide her during life’s most challenging times and light her way when she is lost. It will comfort her when she is grieving life’s losses and lead her to those capable of supporting her when she can no longer lift herself. A woman’s heart holds the key to her passion and to her soul’s purpose, and beckons her to live an inspired and authentic life. It will remind her not to lose herself in the world and to always stay true to herself, no matter the cost.

A woman’s heart is intuitive and knowing. It will alert her when her child is in need long before he begins to cry. It will be there for a friend in her darkest hour and will know exactly how to allow her friend to wail without restraining it. A woman’s heart understands its connection to all hearts. It feels the suffering of every hungry child, of every forgotten woman and of every broken man. Her heart remembers what the world could be and holds a noble vision for a more peaceful, loving and compassionate world.

A woman’s heart is the connection to her past; it grounds her in the present and leads her to her future. It is a diverse and colorful tapestry, connecting a woman to her family, her community, her world and to that which is Divine. Her heart understands her story and the story of all women who have gone before and the story of those who will follow. It keeps alive the tradition of sharing these collective memories and preserving the wisdom of her story for future generations.

A woman’s heart is her essence and her spirit. The beauty of this heart is that it is vast and limitless in its capacity to love, forgive, nurture and create. A woman’s heart is wise and powerful and understands the cycles of life and the mysteries of the universe. A woman’s heart is the connection to her soul, and as such, must be cared for like the most precious treasure. Without this treasure, a woman will lose touch with who she is and she will forget her dreams. She will not remember her true worth and her inherent power. If she protects this treasure, she will be a force unequalled—she will be honored and respected—she will be the Goddess.

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living

I want to know what you ache for

And if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing…

It doesn’t interest me where or what or with whom

You have studied.

I want to know what sustains you

From the inside

When all else falls away.

I want to know if you can be alone

With yourself

And if you truly like the company you keep

In the empty moments.

From The Invitation, by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Erin Patterson is a personal growth coach, mentor and speaker whose practice is located in the B~Well Center of Scottsdale. Her workshop series based on A Woman’s Heart will begin this fall. For more information, call 602-919-6102 or visit

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