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Pin Point Therapy Restores Balance and Function

May 31, 2013 11:37AM

Rod Lyman, a medical intuitive, massage therapist, Reiki master teacher and co-founder of Beyond Today Co., in Phoenix, uses a technique called Pin Point Therapy. This method can release emotional and physical issues in the body, realign the body structure and begin the healing process from longstanding ailments such as spinal issues, hip problems, fibromyalgia and others. Pin Point is a combination of energy work, meridian work and gentle touch, allowing the body to rebalance easily, painlessly and naturally.

The foremost advantage of Pin Point Therapy is that it is safe and without side effects from drugs. Working along with myofascial release and trigger point release, Pin Point Therapy is a very effective hands-on technique that involves applying sustained gentle pressure within the meridian lines to the myofascial tissue to eliminate restrictions and restore motion.

For the month of June, Pin Point Therapy sessions are only $55 for a one-hour session. Location: 11225 N. 28th Dr., Ste. A101. For more information, call 602-441-3302 or visit



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