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Beyond Personal Coaching: Improving one's physical health is an important first step, guides Tracy Minton

May 31, 2013 11:36AM ● By Tracy Minton

Personal coaching originated as a method to improve business productivity. Coaches tend to focus on inspiring action to realize goals. Often people hire a coach thinking they need help moving forward to achieve goals, when they really need to improve their health and discover a heartfelt path. That’s the most cost-effective and beneficial reason to hire a coach. Healthy, passionate people need little or no coaching to get moving.

If we lack motivation, before driving ourself to achieve goals we may need to focus on physical and emotional health instead. Getting coached before we are ready can be stressful, counter-productive and costly.

Good health comes from taking care of our physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Physical health provides the foundation for all remaining aspects of life. Good health allows us the freedom to focus our energy on other important areas of our lives, including our passions. Unresolved emotions and poor health habits sabotage our greatest efforts and cloud our ability to identify values and goals.

Feeling great about ourselves lifts our energy and helps us honor the call within our heart. A commitment to heal from a dis-eased state initiates a journey that transforms our lives. A sense of purpose bubbles up organically, providing divine inspiration and spontaneous illumination of the next steps.

Fear, unhealed wounds or limiting beliefs will come up for resolution when we dare ask for more from life. Beyond coaching, a skilled practitioner can help us recognize the habitual trances that keep us chained to the past, fretting about the future and shut down to the present, where the power to change resides.

The commitment to personal growth and greater health becomes a journey that can spontaneously and even miraculously open doors that lead to brighter vistas than we previously imagined. Health and abundance are the reflection of aligning with a path and lifestyle that is the most sustainable and harmonious with every aspect of living.

A true holistic practitioner is innately a lifestyle coach. Their role is to guide, educate and support clients in creating more sustainable and nurturing personal environments that help us embrace our greatness.

Tracy Minton, CCHt, LAc, CHC, and Reiki master, uses a variety of techniques including guided visualization, energy healing, and health and lifestyle coaching to help clients clear stuck energy, restore health and connect with their innate gifts and resources to live sustainable, soul satisfying lives. Contact her at Barefoot Acupuncture Clinic at 602-954-8016.

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