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The Biggest Misconception of Heart Health

May 31, 2013 11:37AM

Recently, heart health has risen to the forefront of social discussion. But with increased awareness also comes the potential for increased misunderstanding. In the name of heart health, popular belief states that intense cardiovascular exercise such as running may be used as a kind of Band-Aid for cardiovascular disease.

This is not true. During such exercise, we may create in the body a blood physics phenomenon called turbulent flow. This means that the blood cells have increased their collision with blood vessel walls. When blood cells hit vessel walls, they create interior wounds. In a process similar to exterior scabbing, the body creates an interior scab to help heal the wound. These scabs, in turn, contribute to plaque buildup in the arteries.

The more intense the cardiovascular exercise, the more turbulent is the flow in the body and the more plaque is accumulated. So if cardiovascular exercise doesn’t alleviate cardiovascular disease, what does? The answer is whole-body symmetrical movement that does not stray too far from our natural, biological limitations. The proper exercise prescription should include movements that are pure and unaffected, like walking, gentle stretching and spiraling. These movements will promote smooth blood flow and decreaeg the risk of developing arterial plaque.

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