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The Juggling Act of Balancing Total Wellness for Men: Balancing physical health with mental, emotional and spiritual wellness is key to being totally fit inside and out, writes Christine Pierce of Beyond Today Co.

May 31, 2013 11:36AM ● By Christine Pierce

Many men confuse physical fitness with total health, but wellness encompasses more than just the body. Balancing physical health with mental, emotional and spiritual wellness is key to being totally fit inside and out. With today’s busy lifestyles, it’s hard to imagine adding one more thing to the day to begin tackling the tasks of maintaining balance in our lives. But simple things can be incorporated into our current routine that don’t consume much time, and if added gradually, can be inserted seamlessly to improve overall wellness.

If we are already working out, that’s great. Take it outdoors. Make a couple of workouts per week into an early morning hike to avoid the heat. This is a great cardio workout, and while we are hiking we can allow ourself to begin noticing the beauty around us. This is not only an opportunity to take in the peace of nature, bringing emotional harmony, but also to soak up some very important vitamin D. This essential nutrient is important for cardiovascular, immune and bone health, as well as being vital to mental health as depleted Vitamin D can lead to depression and seasonal affective disorder. New studies show that schizophrenia can even occur with low levels.

Some men cringe when the word “meditation” comes up. The idea of trying to sit in the lotus position for 30 minutes and not think about anything seems a daunting task. A simple way to begin bringing meditation into our day is with breath. When we are getting ready to go to sleep at night, a simple breathing exercise can center us, clear our mind and help us fall asleep faster. Simply start by feeling the abdomen, intentionally breathing with the belly. When we are aware of the belly movement, begin counting while breathing in, trying to get to 10. When we release, count again back to 10. Continue this for five minutes or until falling asleep. While we are coordinating the belly breathing with the counting, our mind doesn’t have the opportunity to dwell on the other things that have been swirling around in our thoughts. This technique can aid in better decision making, fewer emotional ups and downs, better oxygenation for the brain and body and feeling both more energized and peaceful.

Other things to consider are yoga, t’ai chi, or qigong in place of some workouts to bridge the mind-body-spirit connection. Aromatherapy can bring harmony to the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body. Flower essences or plant essences are very effective in helping resolve issues on many levels.

These are just a few of the many ways to live a balanced and healthy life. Try different techniques to add a more balanced approach to a wellness routine and listen to the body and soul. Remember, it is important for our inner life to be as healthy as our physical vessel to continue to keep up with today’s pace.

Christine Pierce, RMT, CHT, SLC is a retired nurse who helps others heal as an energy practitioner, spiritual life coach, and instructor with Beyond Today Co. Contact her at 602-441-3302 or

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