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SCNM Pain Management Clinic Finds the Root Cause of Pain

Jun 28, 2013 07:18PM

The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) Pain Management Clinic helps pain sufferers explore options for addressing their problems. A $35 pain assessment is the first step toward finding and treating the root cause of pain rather than just treating the pain itself, based on the primary fundamentals of naturopathic medicine. A 2011 Institute of Medicine report stated that 116 million American adults have chronic pain, which costs the nation up to $635 billion each year in medical treatment and lost productivity.

Dr. Nick Buratovich, a pain management physician at the SCNM Medical Center, says, “Once we understand what’s causing the pain, we can design a plan that combines therapeutic methods with the body’s natural self-healing ability. Through treatment, we have seen patients avoid surgery and no longer need to take medications that might be treating only the symptoms.”

Many hidden factors can contribute to pain—food allergies can be a factor in migraine headaches, joint pain and painful rashes, and stress can aggravate the problem. Buratovich says, “We use a whole-body approach to find and treat the cause by looking at a patient’s lifestyle, diet, leisure and work activities, stress and injuries.”

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