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The Future of Food Allergy Treatment

Jun 28, 2013 07:18PM

At the Food Allergy Center of North Scottsdale, cutting-edge laser technology is used to reprogram the human body to a variety of food allergens to stop negative reactions from occurring when that food is subsequently consumed three hours after the treatment. Specific allergens are determined via a full body reactive scanning machine, which helps identify the core underlying imbalances in a person’s system and what a person reacts to.

The most common foods are eggs, milk, gluten-based foods, shellfish and nuts. When a reaction occurs to foods consumed, the body either doesn’t have the enzymatic capacity to digest it or it views the food not as a nourishing substance, but rather as a threating invader. Depending upon how imbalanced a person’s body is, the reaction can vary from gas, bloating, skin rash and behavioral changes to constipation, diarrhea and foggy thinking.

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