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2013 Natural Choice Award Winners

Jul 01, 2013 09:12PM

Sponsored by Natural Awakenings magazine, the Natural Choice Awards give readers the opportunity to select the individuals and businesses across the Valley each year that deserve recognition for their efforts in health and wellness, and green living. The winners are based on a popular vote from online ballot submissions at from April 1 to June 10, 2013.


Naturopathic Physician:  Dr. Theresa Ramsey

Runner-up:  Dr. Esti Bakty


Homeopathic Physician:  Dr. Stephen Messer

Runner-up:  Dr. Leslie Cisar


Holistic M.D.:  Dr. Theresa Ramsey

Runner-up:  Dr. Jack Wolfson


Holistic Dentist:  Dr. Steven Poulos

Runner-up:  Dr. Lisa Butler


Chiropractor:  Dr. Sara Penton

Runner-up:  Dr. Ross Kerievsky


Acupuncturist:  Debra Manning

Runner-up:  Dr. Buffy Daney


Bodyworker:  Sheri Cleland

Runner-up:  Victor Milianti


Massage Therapist:  Megan Polynin

Runner-up:  Sheri Cleland


Reiki Practitioner:  Dr. Martha Reed

Runner-up:  Shenayda Dean


Craniosacral Practitioner:  Mary Peterson

Runner-up:  Marsha Craven 


Personal Trainer:  Kinesphere Studio

Runner-up:  Andrew Fodge


Yoga Instructor:  Sherry Kilian

Runner-up:  Jennifer Annjanetta Tijerino


Yoga Studio:  Yoga Pura

Runner-up:  Desert Song Yoga & Massage Center


Women’s Health Specialist:  Dr. Theresa Ramsey

Runner-up:  Dr. Marianne Marchese


Life Coach:  Dr. Martha Reed

Runner-up:  Dr. Theresa Ramsey


Meditation Leader:  Dr. Martha Reed

Runner-up:  Anita Rangaswami


School for Holistic Medicine:  Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences

Runner-up:  Southwest Institute of Healing Arts


Weight Loss Program/Center:  Dr. Martha Reed

Runner-up:  Dr. Theresa Ramsey


Reflexologist:  Ginger Hay

Runner-up:  Debra Manning


Ayurvedic Practitioner:  Anita Rangaswami

Runner-up:  Melanie Jackson


Natural Healing Center:  Center For Natural Healing

Runner-up:  Rejuvenate Center


Energy Healer:  Stephanie Phelps

Runner-up:  Debra Manning


Intuitive Reader:  Dr. Martha Reed

Runner-up:  Katherine Metcalf


Enlightened Books/Gift Store:  A Peace of the Universe

Runner-up:  Storm Wisdom


Spiritual Center:  The Conscious Community

Runner-up:  Prana Gyana


Organic Eatery:  True Food Kitchen

Runner-up:  Nourish


Vegan Eatery:  Loving Hut

Runner-up:  Pomegranate Cafe


Gluten-Free Menu:  Nourish

Runner-up:  Picazzo’s


Gluten-Free Baker:  Gluten Free Creations Bakery & Cafette

Runner-up:  Pomegranate Cafe


Farmers’ Market:  Old Town Scottsdale

Runner-up:  Phoenix Public Market


Health Food Store:  Sprouts Farmers Market

Runner-up:  Whole Foods Market


Natural Pet Care:  Ryan’s Pet Supplies

Runner-up:  Noble Beast


Natural Salon/Spa/Nail Care:  PureSalon

Runner-up:  Verde Salon


Natural Skin Care:  True Balance Wellness

Runner-up:  PureSalon


Eco-Friendly Transportation:  Discount Cab

Runner-up:  Valley Metro Light Rail


Solar Provider:  SolarCity

Runner-up:  SunHarvest Solar


Heating/Air Conditioning:  Red Mountain Air Conditioning

Runner-up:  All Aire Air Conditioning & Heat


Creative Arts:  Allura Westly

Runner-up:  Alwun House


Non-Profit Organization:  Shalom Montessori

Runner-up:  People of Color Network


Green Business of the Year:  Shalom Montessori

Runner-up:  Root Phoenix


Holistic Business of the Year:  The Conscious Community

Runner-up:  Insights for Life

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