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CrossFit BLUR Gym Opens in Scottsdale

CrossFit BLUR has moved to a larger, more convenient location at 8175 East Raintree Drive, Suite 2, in Scottsdale. CrossFit BLUR is a gym like no other. Their members are diverse, comprising teachers, college athletes, doctors, moms, dads, grandparents and police officers.

Co-owner Justin Fallon says, “Think about your gym. How many hours have you spent on the treadmill? A 15-minute workout with us will exceed any treadmill session. How many times have you moved machine to machine with no real plan? Here we have no machines; we use metabolic conditioning, Olympic lifts and gymnastic movements that are both functional and rewarding.”

He continues, “We have clients who are young, old and everywhere in-between. Despite the diversity, the individual character is unvarying. Our group is motivated, hard working, fun and positive. CrossFit BLUR's atmosphere is high-energy and supportive. Our gym encourages consistency with workouts that are challenging and varied in an environment that is welcoming and warming. Every day we do new things, accomplish new personal records and make new friends.”

For more information, call 715-495-0086 or visit

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