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Mystics Walk Among Us: Sarah McLean shares how mystical experiences can happen at any time

Jul 30, 2013 09:17AM ● By Sarah McLean

Have you ever had a moment of a deep connectedness with creation, a mystical moment of transcendence and ecstasy? It might have been as you watched a sunset, gazed at a night sky, felt the warm sun on your skin as you walked along the seashore or listened to the rushing water as you sat by the creek in a canyon. They don’t happen because you’re especially spiritual or deserving or you’re in the right place at the right time or you’ve wished it into being. It can happen anytime, spontaneously.

Reading or hearing about a mystical moment is very different from having one, and they seem to only be captured by poetry and song. You’ve probably heard of the bliss people experience during those moments as they hear a heavenly melody, see bright lights, taste divine nectar or are intoxicated by celestial perfumes. Sometimes there are simultaneous tears and laughter as one realized the perfection of life. Everything suddenly makes sense.

Mystical experiences can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few days. If one only lasts a second or two, we often don’t give it much significance. We simply enjoy it then dismiss it as a “nice feeling.” But a mystic’s heart awakens, making each of these moments a profound touchstone. Knowing creation and the creator personally and intimately calls them to embark on the mystic’s path.

A mystic rarely calls herself or himself a mystic because their sense of self is overshadowed by the momentary experience of the wonder of creation. The mystic detaches from the hypnosis of social norms and customs, cultural conditioning and worldly influences. They are no longer interested in the roles people play or her or other people’s status; they have transcended social norms, which are no longer so significant. Instead, the focus is to expand their consciousness and open their heart, so they can more deeply experience a union with creation and Creator. Self-knowledge and divine communion are the ultimate goals.

A mystic’s path is far from formal. It doesn’t require gaining more knowledge, thinking one’s way into a divine or ecstatic state, faking it till you make it or doing endless acts of charity. It doesn’t require you to get deeply involved in religious practices, either. Instead, it simply requires walking with a prayer in your heart, a calling to deeply know the Divine.

The journey requires faith and patience, because the path isn’t linear and there’s no knowing the timing of divine realization. A mystic can merge with the Creator through prayer, meditation, creative practices and even through their work. Modern meditation practices, such as a mantra meditation, naturally create silence in the mind, an open heart, expanded awareness and a transcendence of self-image. A refined nervous system is also required. Meditation is the practice many mystics use to become more intimate with all that is.

Sarah McLean is the author of Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation. She founded and directs the McLean Meditation Institute, in Sedona. Visit

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