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Learn to Become a Meditation Teacher

Sep 30, 2013 07:58AM

The McLean Meditation Institute offers a professional, 200-hour teacher certification program comprising a self-paced home-study course and an onsite training intensive retreat in Sedona. It’s a complete course in the theory, science, practice and business of meditation, designed to prepare students to deliver professional meditation instruction.

Curriculum modules include the history and ancient practices of meditation, the varieties of meditation types and their applications, the myriad of scientifically proven physiological and psychological benefits of meditation, the way to create confidence in teaching and presentation ability and the marketing strategies to implement meditation programs.

Graduates will be certified to facilitate group meditations and teach the Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation Method, a popular and contemporary meditation program which includes mindfulness practices, breath and body awareness, self-inquiry practice, silent mantra meditation and Peacefinder Practices.

For more information, call 928-204-0067 or visit

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