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Lose Weight and Look Great for the Holidays

Oct 31, 2013 04:07PM

Doctor-owned Rapidly Slender, of Scottsdale, is offering $150 off their weight-loss program, just in time for the holidays. Rapidly Slender is a metabolic reset program that is said to release up to a pound of fat per day. It purports to end the frustration of trying to lose the unwanted pounds by eliminating carbohydrate and sugar cravings to burn stubborn fat and maximize energy levels.

By impacting and balancing insulin, sugar, blood pressure and hormonal patterns, Rapidly Slender promises to make participants look younger and more vibrant and enjoy better-fitting clothes; feel less hunger and have more daily energy; and get leaner by burning undesirable fat. Customers should then be able to learn how to consume and enjoy real foods in order to enjoy life more.

For more information, including a free office or telephone consultation, call 480-519-9909.

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