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Inflammation and the Lymphatic System

Nov 30, 2013 11:08AM ● By Brandi Owens

There exists a place in the body where nutrition is delivered to the cells, cellular repair and waste removal and new healthy tissue growth happens, all while providing an excellent waste management system. This space is called the fluid-filled interstitial space; in simple terms, the space between the cells.

Imagine a large jar filled with marbles, and then fill the remaining space with water. With a lid on it, you can tip the jar this way and that and see the water move effortlessly around the marbles. When you apply this picture to your body, it is what a healthy interstitial space looks like, with free-flowing movement.

When inflammation sets in because of a poor diet, lack of exercise and stress, the fluid in the jar becomes thick and sticky, sluggishly trying to get around the marbles. Imagine this happening in the body; how is food supposed to get in and waste get out? The congestion becomes an environment that alters healthy cell growth and allows waste to gather, allowing room for disease to develop.

This ubiquitous term, inflammation, can be synonymous with a congested lymphatic system, because the interstitial fluid comprises 70 percent of the lymphatic system, which is the heart of the immune system. Correspondingly, a healthy lymphatic system equals a healthy immune system.

We can reduce inflammation in the tissues by utilizing therapies like electro-lymphatic therapy (ELT), skin brushing and rebounding. ELT uses the technology of inert gas ionization to effectively remove lymphatic congestion in a non-invasive, safe, painless therapy that is experienced much like a relaxing massage. As few as six to eight sessions can remove tissue inflammation and improve the immune system.

Brandi Owens, RN, CLT trains electro-lymphatic therapists internationally and maintains an office at The Center for Evolved Movement, 4730 E. Lone Mountain Rd., Ste. 112, in Cave Creek. For more information, call 480-529-6323 or email [email protected].

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