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New Swimmer Strength Organization Provides Unique Coaching

Jan 02, 2014 09:42AM

Swimmer Strength is a brand-new online organization founded by Deniz Hekmati, BS, a NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist, for anyone with an interest in aquatic sports. They offer quality content about how to properly apply strength training for swimmers because recent research suggests that they can benefit from smart and structured resistance training regimens.

The website, written by a former collegiate and professional swimmer, takes all the properties of water into account when suggesting any type of work on land. Topics such as core stability, mobility, injury prevention and power output are highly emphasized. It is no secret that many swimmers routinely suffer shoulder injuries, nor are coaches expected to know about prehab in order to avoid the injuries. The website contains a blog and video feed with weekly updates to help the world of swimming gain useful and trustworthy information about strength training application for swimmers.

Swimmer Strength is offering a six-week individualized intense core stability and injury preventative program for $150. For more information, call 480-359-9579 or visit


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