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Clean Indoor Air with an IQ Air Purifier

Jan 31, 2014 09:01AM

Organic Living AZ, in Phoenix, creates a healthy home environment by improving air quality and reducing toxins with in-home cleaning products and carpet cleaning service. Their complete line of products can help transform any home into a safe and toxic-free environment.

The IQ Air Purifier whole-house unit is designed to be used on new homes or retrofitted into existing homes by installing it onto existing HVAC equipment. It is a practical solution for allergy problems or issues with new home off-gassing.

Owner Gerard Windstein has been involved in the cleaning industry for 25 years. He is a council-certified indoor environmentalist and very familiar with the arid climate and indoor environmental issues in the Phoenix metropolitan area, making him the perfect authority for indoor air quality questions. Organic LIving brings a holistic approach, encouraging customers to be conscious of what they bring into their homes, which is just as important as a good air purification system.

Organic Living’s eco-friendly rug cleaners properly clean carpet the natural way, without compromising the color and texture.

Location: 8342 N. 7th St. For more information, call 602-224-5313 or visit


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