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Experience Relief from Light-Induced Migraines with TheraSpecs

Jan 31, 2014 09:01AM

Kerrie Smyres suffered from chronic and debilitating migraine attacks almost daily, so she and her husband, Hart Shafer, did some thorough research and testing and invented TheraSpecs, carefully crafted eyewear that filters the light most likely to trigger attacks.

When worn regularly, the glasses can reduce the frequency of migraines. A clinical study of the light-filtering tint used in TheraSpecs showed that participants experienced 74 percent fewer migraine attacks per month, on average.

In addition to their special tint, TheraSpecs are durable enough for all-day wear and thoughtfully designed to reduce pressure on the temples. Available in an array of styles, TheraSpecs are appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, protecting a wearer from migraine attacks in all environments. They also carry a money-back guarantee.

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