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Medical Ozone Almost a Panacea: Dr. Paul Stallone discusses an effective natural treatment option to many diseases

Feb 28, 2014 08:57AM ● By Dr. Paul Stallone

While atmospheric ozone plays a significant role in protecting the Earth, medical-grade ozone (MGO) has the incredible potential to protect against life-threatening diseases and repair supportive tissue. It is produced in a medical setting by an electrical spark that breaks apart and rearranges the oxygen molecules and turns oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3). The powerhouse behind ozone is the fact that it is a fairly unstable molecule, and it’s this instability that acts as a commanding biological stimulant.

Many diseases, including cancer, may not thrive in an oxygen-rich environment. Ozone, a highly charged oxygen molecule, has an astounding ability to eradicate disease and promote tissue healing. The application of MGO can vary, depending on many factors. If addressing disease is the priority, then ozone may be administered intravenously. If healing a joint is desired, than ozone can be injected directly into the joint capsule.

Ozone has been exceptional as a disinfectant and is used throughout the world to help sterilize drinking water. Because ozone kills bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, it can be used to treat infected wounds by “bagging” the area and introducing ozone within the containment. Ozone has even found use in the dental community, where practitioners use it to prevent infections before, during and after surgical procedures.

MGO stimulates the body’s own antioxidant systems, which helps eliminate free radicals that cause oxidation within cells, something that can encourage disease and premature aging. MGO is also a powerful regulator of the immune system, so it can be invaluable to those with suppressed or overactive immune systems. Most diseases respond quite well with MGO, because ozone may activate the immune system to fight disease. The application of MGO is also used in advanced joint care, because it has been shown to stimulate the release of growth factors that in turn cause regeneration of damaged ligaments and tendons.

Just some of the many diseases and conditions successfully addressed with MGO include infectious diseases such as herpes, hepatitis A B C, Lyme’s, Epstein-Barr virus and HIV; macular degeneration; autoimmune disorders like Crohn’s, celiac, lupus, arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome; heart disease; circulatory disorders such as neuropathy, peripheral artery disease and atherosclerosis; wound healing and infection control; and compromised joints from past injuries, also degenerated joints.

In the United States, MGO is not considered a household name. However, it is openly and heavily relied upon in many major hospitals in Russia, Cuba, and Germany—ozone’s birthplace. Many speculate that the use of MGO within the United States is suppressed not because of its effectiveness or even its safety, but because it is a natural substance and easily made. In Cuba, for example, the focus in healthcare is to heal the patient, and because Cuba is relatively poor, it needs reliable treatments that are easily accessible.

Ozone has been well studied and used extensively with great success. The safety of MGO is extremely high when used by a certified practitioner, with minimal to no side effects, and should be considered at least as an adjunct therapy when addressing the diseases we see today.

Paul Stallone, NMD, founded the Arizona Integrative Medical Center, located at 8144 E. Cactus Rd., Ste. 820, in Scottsdale. He combines natural/alternative/conventional treatments to best fit and benefit each individual patient’s needs. For more information, call 480-214-3922 or visit

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