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Sound Healing Workshop with Teri Merliss

May 30, 2014 08:45AM

Teri Merliss, founder of the Voice of the One Heart Healing, will present a workshop, Experiencing Sweetness in Your Voice, from 3 to 5 p.m., June 14, at the B~Well Center of Scottsdale. Participants will be taught how to connect with who they are by accessing the sacred sound of their heart.

Merliss believes that everyone’s tone is unique, and it can be life-changing to experience the sweetness and beauty of this sound. The workshop includes toning, chanting and meditations. She will share the teachings of the Divine Feminine (heart chakra) and the Divine Masculine (throat chakra) and how they work together to create sound when merged in a conscious relationship. No singing experience is required.

Merliss, based in New Jersey, sings and teaches high vibrational mantras to assist people in stilling the mind and finding inner peace. She is also the music teacher for the Children’s House, a Montessori-based school for young children.

Cost is $30 for adults, $20 for students. Location: 4300 N. Miller Rd., Ste. 214. For more information, call 602-384-1745 or email [email protected].

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