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Don’t Let Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Get You Down: Struggling with fatigue? Dr. Paul Stallone discusses the underlying issues so you can find relief

May 30, 2014 08:50AM ● By Dr. Paul Stallone

Summertime is usually the time of year for increased activities. Family road trips, swimming, hiking, vacations and carpooling bored kids to various engagements require more energy than normal. However, for those that are already struggling with fatigue, this time of year can seem exhausting. It’s important for chronic fatigue sufferers to discover the underlining cause of their fatigue, instead of masking it with stimulants.

Depending on the root cause, ignoring this sign from our body can have serious negative consequences. Occasional tiredness is perfectly normal and expected when our daily routine is mixed up, but if we’re dealing with debilitating fatigue, we need to consult with a naturopathic physician. Some of the major causes of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) are generally addressed in a short amount of time and the results can be incredible.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue include fatigue, depression, easily stressed, low libido, muscle weakness, skin problems, poor memory, constant lightheadedness and salt, sugar, fat cravings.

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance include fatigue, depression/anxiety, easily stressed, low libido, muscle loss, weight gain, insomnia, uncontrolled sweating, and salt, sugar, fat cravings.

Symptoms of thyroid issues include fatigue, depression/anxiety, weight gain, hair/skin problems, muscle/joint pain, cholesterol issues, bowel/GI problems, increased PMS and neck discomfort.

The right naturopathic physician will know which tests are needed after completing an evaluation. Blood, urine and saliva are simple collections that can assist in a patient’s diagnosis. Testing is absolutely critical, as this will dictate which treatment is desirable. Many conditions respond to specific healing, and time and money can be wasted without knowing the exact reason behind a persistent symptom. Adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances and thyroid issues are common conditions that have similar symptoms, but are all easily detected by the right lab work.

Treatment for each diagnosis is different, depending on the severity, putting even more importance on proper testing. Treatment typically involves a customized supplement regiment and/or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Recovery is experienced anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, but most feel some improvement within a week. It’s essential that treatment involve a specialist that understands the significance of using natural supplementation instead of synthetic pharmaceuticals which adopt a one-size-fits-all approach.

Lab work is invaluable, but many people could be inducing their CFS with nutritional deficiencies and dehydration. A large number of people are jeopardizing their health by ignoring basic human needs. Once these shortages are reversed, fatigue can improve within hours. To achieve rapid replenishment, personalized IVs can provide nutrients and hydration directly into the blood supply. They can be quickly and affordably received as often as the patient requires. After a few sessions, most people are able to maintain recovery with a few lifestyle changes and quality supplements.

It makes sense that if we are not getting enough sleep at night due to insomnia, we might suffer from CFS during the day. Insomnia is a very serious condition that is affecting more and more people. Prescription sleep aids may be habit-forming, cause numerous complications and come with side effects that can include death. This is a dangerous and unnecessary way of treating insomnia. Chronic insomnia is another symptom from our body, telling us something is wrong; it should not be ignored. Because many people suffer from this condition, technology has advanced to pinpoint why it is becoming so frequent. Testing neurotransmitters is a great way to understand which brain chemicals are misfiring and which need correcting.

There are many reasons behind suffering from CFS. The sufferer may have been struggling for years with devastating fatigue, but treatment can be quick and painless by consulting with the right naturopathic physician.

Paul Stallone, NMD, founded the Arizona Integrative Medical Center, located at 8144 E. Cactus Rd., Ste. 820, in Scottsdale. He combines natural/alternative/conventional treatments to best fit and benefit each individual patient’s needs. For more information, call 480-214-3922 or visit

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