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Experience a Transformational Weekend at Healing Arts Connection

May 30, 2014 08:42AM

Marsha Craven, president of Healing Arts Connection, LLC, will present I Love Myself—DNA/Belief Systems Transformation Weekend, from July 24 to 27 and again from October 10 to 13, to discover how combining ancient wisdoms with quantum science principles can create profound healing for others and oneself. By developing a clear understanding of the subtle energy and body-mind-spirit connections, massage therapists, bodyworkers, health care professionals and other healing facilitators can enhance and deepen a client’s healing experience.

Craven states, “The process of transforming belief systems in others, or oneself, can contribute to integrated healing at the DNA/cellular level, nudge an out-of-balance system toward homeostasis and bring long-lasting benefits to the body-mind-spirit.”

Participants will learn how to connect to the core of their own being and work from the heart, the source of unconditional love. Lectures include study of the four brainwave frequencies, how to move into the theta state instantly and when to use imagery and set intentions with clients. In extensive, supervised sessions, participants pair up to practice and master principles and techniques, which also include aspects of kinesiology and body mapping/re-mapping.

Location: 1717 W. Northern Ave., Ste. 115, Phoenix. For more information, call 623-215-7988 or visit

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