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Top Three Reasons to Go Solar Now in the Valley: Eva Rodriguez Levin of Arizona Solar Concepts walks through the numerous advantages for Valley homeowners

May 30, 2014 09:15AM ● By Eva Rodriguez Levin

It’s time to go solar right now! Let’s debunk the myths. Here are some glowing thoughts about solar energy.

Solar is not out-of-this world expensive. It does have an upfront investment, but the long-term financial and environmental benefits far exceed the short-term layout. Also, there are attractive financing options for that. If you are in doubt about whether to invest in the technology of the future today, at least educate yourself by getting the facts from a professional source that not only quotes the price, but also explains the many available options so you can make an intelligent decision.

Why let the utility companies win the solar sweepstakes? Defeat them and quit putting money in their pockets. Invest in solar instead of paying them to either buy the solar and tax you back or bill you directly for electric or both. The cost of your solar investment will outweigh the long-term costs of your utility bill because you get to buy solar at a fixed price (see chart below).

That way, you are in control of your solar cost at a fixed lifetime price. But in order to produce that, you have to purchase the solar panels and technology. Unlike other technologies, solar technology is here, meaning that what you buy today (not tomorrow) will produce the most energy in the fastest, the cleanest and the most efficient way. There is no waiting. Solar panel technology has been around for many years, and unlike what you see with computers and cell phones, it’s not going to get any more efficient—it’s there! It’s 2014 and it’s here. Buy now, don’t wait!

And finally, you live in Arizona! Come on, there is a lot of sun out there to turn into personal energy for your home. Just like a car uses gallons of gas, your home uses watts of energy. Just like gas costs around $3.75 a gallon, electricity costs around 14 cents per watt, and those cents add up. That’s why we say, “Solar energy. Make cents now.”

1. Utility incentives and tax credits.

Tax credits expire in 2016 (with city permit and utility process, plan for it to take a bit of time) 30 percent federal!

2. Lease and finance options!

Very low 2.99 percent for those that qualify.

3. Solar in Arizona is the lowest price in the country, act now!

Eva Rodriguez Levin is the marketing manager for Arizona Solar Concepts, LLC, in Tempe. Receive a free $50 dinner gift card with your first appointment. For more information, call 480-446-3600 or visit


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