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Be Toxin Conscious for Safety

Sep 01, 2014 08:01AM ● By Linda L. Leibl

The truth is that products applied to the skin can enter the bloodstream in 30 seconds or less. This is the reason hormone and nicotine patches work so quickly. Think about all the products in our home shower and bathroom that we’ve likely been consuming every day for months and years while our body is accumulating dozens of potential toxins. They can create imbalances and even contribute to the breakdown of the immune system. The United Kingdom has banned more than 1,100 skincare ingredients, but the United States has banned only 10.

Today, there are great alternatives that use pure, safe Swiss botanical products that are very effective without toxins, helping everyone stay healthier longer. Using toxin-free products may even help slow down the aging process.

In the year 1900, one out of 1,000 people could have been expected to be diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or illness such as cancer. In 1997, one out of three people were expected to develop a toxic immune disease or have toxic ingredients in the environment contribute to cancer at some point in their lifetime. In 2002, one out of two people could have been forecast to be in contact with a toxic ingredient in their environment. That means when we are in a class, gathering, workshop, meeting or seminar of any kind, half of the people around us may be affected with a toxicity-related immune disease or illness.

We've all heard that “early detection leads to early treatment.” What about considering early prevention?  Healthy living prevents needless suffering, pain, expense and additional stress in our life. Harmful toxins come from three sources in our environment: the air we breathe; personal care products that we use day in and day out on our skin, hair and body; our food—if it comes in a box or can, is processed, packaged or manmade, don’t eat it.

Linda L. Leibl is a master anti-aging aesthetician and owner of Advanced Skin Technology. For more information, call 480-254-0302 or visit

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