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Scan Now for Peace of Mind

De Novo Scan, now with offices in Glendale and Scottsdale, is offering Natural Awakenings readers $50 off any breast, half-body or full-body thermal scan through October 31, in observance of national Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Thermography, or digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI), is gaining the spotlight as a new way to examine the state of our health in Phoenix, using high-resolution thermal cameras, state-of-the-art thermal imaging software and the most experienced team of reading doctors in the country.

Unlike mammograms, X-rays and MRIs, which look at the body’s anatomical structure, thermography examines the physiology, or function, of the parts of the body—without exposure to any radiation. Thermography currently serves as an excellent adjunct to traditional breast screening methods and often serves as a primary resource for many women in their annual breast screening practices.

Thermography can successfully detect and identify vascular issues, artery conditions (stroke potential), heart disease, neuropathy, chronic fatigue (including fibromyalgia), immune deficiencies, digestive issues, arthritis, nerve damage, periodontal disease, carpal tunnel, breast issues and more.

De Novo Scan also provides mobile service screening to Valley-wide physicians. For more information, call 623-243-7100 (Glendale); 480-284-2222 (Scottsdale) or visit