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Feel More Alive at New Spirit Bar Wellness

Spirit Bar is a new local health center on the corner of 694 West Cooper Road at Warner, in Gilbert. The brainchild of owner and holistic nutritionist/fitness trainer Ray Florio, who has been dreaming of opening a holistic health center for more than a decade, Spirit Bar encompasses every holistic aspect under one roof.

He offers healing modalities such as infrared sauna, nutritional biofeedback testing, yoga and meditation, autism therapy, fitness training, and nutrition and detox programs. To assist with health goals, Spirit Bar also has a well-stocked bar of organic vegan gluten-free smoothies, protein shakes, elixirs and wellness shots. There is yoga-inspired apparel and conscious living accessories, too.

Florio designed the bar with a space for clients to obtain nutritional testing to determine nutritional deficiencies. Within minutes, the client can view their test results and receive a custom drink. Florio says, "Our quality of food is unmatched. When people have our smoothies and food consistently, they feel better, they naturally lose weight, they naturally start to detox, they have more energy during their workouts and they feel more alive.

For more information, call 480-621-6218 or visit

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