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Sonia Kang is a Pilates Advocate with a New Book

Sonia Kang, owner of Weon Keyong Health Center - A Pilates Studio, in Tempe, has released Pilates Teaches Longevity, the first Pilates coffee table book that contradicts the conventional view of Pilates. Kang, editor-in-chief of The Pilates Advocate trade magazine, spent more than two years researching the proliferation of Pilates worldwide. Her discoveries are surprising and conveyed in a palatable way for anyone curious about the unique exercise system of Pilates.

Kang wrote the book to tell the story of how Joseph Pilates’ method transformed the landscape of the fitness and physical therapy industries, based on interviews with 36 renowned teachers and professionals in the industry and her own journey with Pilates. She enlightens us on why Pilates can teach the tough lessons in life and perhaps, the secret to living a long and enriching one.

Kang states, “Selling someone on Pilates is like trying to sell someone on smoking cigarettes.” She elaborates that both are kind of perceived as sexy with an association that celebrities do Pilates and celebrities also smoke. Some only smoke during stressful situations and similarly, some people do Pilates only when their back is in pain.

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