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NatCell is Not Your Typical Medicine

Nov 02, 2014 02:43PM

NatCell dietary supplements, manufactured by Atrium Innovations, are unique in that they contain specific proteins and peptides that aid and restore targeted tissues throughout the body. NatCell products are manufactured using a patented fractionation process, and then kept frozen to preserve their structure, resulting in pure, natural proteins, peptides, signaling factors and stem cells that help promote best health, whether to improve an ailing immune system or just maintain overall well-being. Each NatCell product is designed for a specific function.

NatCell Thymus can boost T-cell count by a 1,000 times, plus stimulate and modulate the immune system.

NatCell Adrenal is the finest adrenal support on Earth, and will save individuals from chronic fatigue, improve their ability to heal and improve libido.

NatCell Mesenchyme is a stem cell that seeks out damaged cells, much like aspirin seeks out inflammation, becomes that damaged cell and then becomes healthy. Studies also show that liver transplants would be cut in half if people used mesenchyme.

NatCell Anti-Aging is an innovative frozen liquid extract to support healthy aging that consists of selected proteins, peptides and other growth factors and signaling molecules obtained from porcine adrenal, thymus and mesenchyme tissues, as well as specialized marine liquid cartilage extract.

NatCell CNS consists of central nervous system and neurotrophic factors. CNS is the only product that can regenerate new brain cells, nerve cells and bone marrow. Most people that purchase this product have nerve damage from Cipro (ciprofloxacin) and other antibiotics. Damaged tendons in the lower extremities are becoming more common from these antibiotics and cripple many people. CNS has been shown to cure this damage over time.

NatCell Liver is a peptide growth factor that has the means for a cell to communicate with its immediate environment to ensure that there is a proper local homeostatic balance between the many cells that comprise a tissue or organ. NatCell Liver can help reverse cirrhosis whether from hepatitis C, alcohol or fatty liver conditions.

TA65 causes cell rejuvenation through the world’s only telomerase activator. It can minimize the decline associated with aging, maximizing the potential for health and longevity. It is clinically proven to lengthen critically short telomerase and restore the aging immune system.

To contact best-selling author Lloyd Wright, NHC, for more information, call 928-237-1236 or visit

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