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Natural Awakenings Metro Phoenix & Northern Arizona

ThetaHealing and Access Bars Classes with Suzanne Roloff

Experience the miracles of ThetaHealing today by taking a workshop. Suzanne Roloff holds a certificate of science in ThetaHealing and is an Access Bars facilitator. She will be teaching the Basic class on November 2, 3 and 4, and the new ThetaHealing class, Dig Deeper, on November 24 and 25.

ThetaHealing is a meditational prayer technique to access your natural intuitive abilities to create physical, emotional and spiritual healing with focused intent, prayer and energy through the creator of all that is.

Roloff will teach an all-day Access Bars class on November 1 in Phoenix. Access is a set of tools and processes that are designed to facilitate more consciousness for everyone on the planet. Bars can be run to facilitate changes in all areas of life. Roloff says, “This is a wonderful healing tool, easy to learn, and all you do if you are getting a Bars sessions is relax and receive! It is a wonderful way to clear things without talking or thinking, just receiving.”

Classes are held in Phoenix and additional offerings will be held in January. For more information, email [email protected] or visit for a calendar of events and pricing. Also visit


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