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The New Epidemic of Neurodegenerative Disease: With chronic neurological diseases increasing, get the facts about treatment and prevention, guides Dr. Dean Silver

Nov 02, 2014 02:12PM ● By By Dean R. Silver, M.D.

Chronic neurological diseases are on the rise. Our health is created by the biochemistry of our cells and the toxic environment we all live in. No two people are the same and disease is not a simple cause and effect condition. Our genes are the loaded gun and the environment pulls the trigger. Disease is a complex interaction between both genetic and environmental factors. Epigenomics is the new science of understanding how our environment turns our genes on or off.

We all need to turn on our beneficial genes and silence our bad genes in order to have a healthier and longer, disease-free life. That way, we can tailor our therapies and lifestyle to optimize our genetic expression. Fortunately for us, the environment is much more important than our genes. We can start doing something about our toxic environment today. Our lifestyle, vitamins, detoxification, hormones, nutrition, sleep and mental attitude can help start revitalizing and repairing our brain cells today.

To understand the causes and course of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, we need to understand the complexity of the brain's immune system. These microglial cells are normally in a resting state, but when activated, they begin to attack the brain. This neuronal attack is caused by excitoxins like glutamate found in MSG, aspartame, soy, yeast and whey isolates. Gluten sensitivity and other cross-reacting foods, viruses, bacteria, parasites, Lyme, fungus, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, electromagnetic fields (EMF), radiation from cell phones, computers, plasma televisions, microwaves and electric wires supplying our homes are also harmful. For years after the activation of these immune cells, there is inflammation, free radical damage with neuronal destruction and death. A high-sugar diet can also harm brain cells, as can vaccines.

We know that these disorders are partly autoimmune in nature. The blood/brain barrier surrounds the brain and protects it. When it becomes damaged, circulating antibodies can attack and destroy brain cells and neurons. New scientific research shows that a faulty blood/brain barrier can result from toxic chemicals, metals and infections and certain gluten-type foods, all which leave brain cell destruction even later on in life. The good news is we can now measure these autoantibodies to our brain cells and neurons. In addition, we can kill the infections with ozone, herbs, antibiotics and antivirals. One can use a gauss meter to measure EMF in the home. Chelation of heavy metals, especially mercury, is important, as well as free radical measurement and learning our vitamin levels in our mitochondria. We also need to do salivary hormone testing to learn which foods are destroying our body.

Once we know the test results, we can then make proactive changes. Be proactive and get tested early before acquiring irreversible symptoms. Treatment includes IV ozone, IV and oral vitamin therapy, lowering free radicals, lowering our autoantibody load, eliminating our harmful foods, heavy metal chelation, hormone balance, magnetic therapy (PEMF), photons therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and stem cell treatment, if necessary. For more information and to get started, consult with a physician knowledgeable in these areas.

Dean R. Silver, M.D. is the medical director of the Silver institute for Life Extension Medicine, in Scottsdale. He is a cancer survivor himself. For more information, call 480-860-2030 or visit

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