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Esogetic Colorpuncture Heals with Light Waves: This non-invasive, gentle healing method can be used alone or with other therapies, says Dr. Katka Novakova

Dec 01, 2014 10:41AM ● By Dr. Katka Novakova

In addition to the more well-known naturopathic modalities such as nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy and hydrotherapy, another important tool is esogetic colorpuncture, an extremely safe, non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful and effective application of different colored lights to the skin that was developed by German physician and scientist Peter Mandel.

Colorpuncture uses multiple crystal rods to transmit specific frequencies of light onto the skin, which penetrates deep into the cells without any punctures. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies, and similarly to other naturopathic modalities, treatments are highly individual.

According to biophysicist Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, “Quanta of light can initiate or arrest cascade-like reactions in the cells, and genetic cellular damage can be virtually repaired within hours by faint beams of light.” When cells are healthy, they are able to filter from the sunlight whatever color vibration they need; however, when an imbalance on any level is present, this ability is hindered.

Every color used in colorpuncture has a different frequency and vibration, and therefore has a unique property. For example, red is anti-inflammatory and helps alleviate pain, while the combination of orange and blue assists in rebalancing the endocrine system.

On the physical level, colorpuncture helps to regulate communication between cells, organs and body systems, thus helping to strengthen the immune system, increase lymph and blood flow and aid in the elimination of toxins. On the mental, emotional and spiritual levels, it helps to release deep emotional pain and unresolved traumas that have been stored in our cells and contribute to a lack of overall well-being or to physical illness.

Colorpuncture has been used successfully to treat patients with a variety of illnesses, ranging from chronic pain to endocrine imbalances, weight gain, insomnia and even cancer, as well as anxiety, tension, stress, excessive irritability and depression.

For more information on esogetic colorpuncture, Dr. Katka Novakova at 480-970-0077 or visit and

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