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Lloyd Wright Creates Protocols to Promote Youthful Health: His personal challenges have lead to many health and wellness discoveries that benefit us all

Jan 02, 2015 12:53PM

Lloyd Wright attended UCLA for undergraduate work and continued his formal education at Cal Lutheran University, majoring in administration of justice. His mother was a health food fanatic in the 1950s, and Wright’s longstanding interest in natural medicine was fueled by the death of many members of his immediate family from cancer.

Wright was involved in a tractor accident in 1979 and required four blood transfusions. He contracted hepatitis C and cancer, and was given five years to live. Through extensive research and his studies with the highly regarded Dr. John Finnegan, ND, Wright created a combination of herbal and glandular remedies that cured him completely of the hepatitis.

His successful cure, coupled with the trauma he experienced while in the hands of medical doctors, spurred him to write a book documenting his story and his cure, Triumph Over Hepatitis C, which has received worldwide recognition and is helping thousands of people to heal themselves.

Wright has discovered a number of other techniques that cross into the realm of anti-aging, because these natural and amazingly effective products can turn back the clock for millions whose lifestyle of stress, lousy diets, overconsumption and lack of activity have broken down their health or just put them in a state of chronic fatigue.

Wright’s product line at Alternative Medicine Solutions includes NatCell products, which he says can reverse cirrhosis of the liver, help regenerate the liver tissues and add vitality to life. They comprise NatCell Thymus, NatCell Mesenchyme and NatCell Liver.

In addition, his daily diet and supplement regimen offers instructive insight for people looking to improve their health and become younger in body and spirit. NatCell Liquid Molecular Extracts are tissue-specific growth and cell signaling factor concentrates, peptides and stem cells, produced by Atrium Innovations, in Quebec. That company has developed a patented biotechnology process to isolate and concentrate molecules in their natural, most beneficial cellular state, using no heat or chemicals.

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