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Receive New Soul Healing Miracles Daily

Feb 27, 2015 07:08PM

Master Ximena Gavino, divine channel of Dr. and Master Sha, is introducing a new Soul Healing Miracles Daily Practice teleconference to learn practical Soul Healing techniques. She says, “You have the power to heal yourself. You have the power to become a miracle soul healer, whether you want to lose weight, relieve chronic pain or transform a challenging condition.

Gavino leads callers through one or more Soul Healing practices to transform physical, emotional or mental imbalances, as well as relationships, finances, business, pets or other aspects of life that may be challenging them.

She says she is offering the telephone practice to help everyone develop the habit of a daily practice to boost their energy, stamina, vitality and immunity for healing, prevention of sickness, rejuvenation and prolonging life, and invites everyone to attend the free practice sessions as often as possible.

The service is free. To join, call 1-712-432-2839 and use access code 2305, from 12:30 to 1 p.m. weekdays. For more information, call Bart at 602-741-7913 or visit

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