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Natural Awakenings Metro Phoenix & Northern Arizona

A Joyous Workshop

May 05, 2015 12:30PM

Shiranda Deerwoman, MA, and the Interfaith CommUNITY, in Mesa, will team up for JOY: A Workshop, in which participants will explore the nature of joy and resolve what blocks our full potential to live in joy from 12:15 to 1:15 p.m., May 17. Attendees will employ the tools of goal setting, education, manual muscle checking, Transformational Kinesiology and the vibrational energies of color, sound and fragrance.

Deerwoman studied Transformational Kinesiology with its developers, Grethe Fremming and Rolf Havsboel, and currently teaches at Gila Community College. “During our lifetime, we accumulate a variety of blocks to our ability to experience joy,” she states. “An occurrence of joy can be interrupted in ways that even cause joy to become frozen in our minds, our nervous system, body cells and more. There are many reasons why we hold ourselves back from joy, or why joy is simply a challenge to sustain. Without exploration and a process for change, we continue with a fluctuating capacity to be in joy.”

Cost is $25. Location: 952 E. Baseline Rd., Mesa. Register at 480-593-8798.

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