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Medical Intuition is a Real Thing: Learn how medical intuition can complement prevention and treatment of illness, according to Dr. Emil Faithe

May 31, 2015 02:13PM ● By Dr. Emil Faithe

There's been a lot of controversy surrounding the practice of medical intuition and whether the medical intuitive or medical medium is just another fortuneteller, soothsayer or snake oil pitchman. Some people believe they are gifted and intuitive individuals offering real answers to those nagging health symptoms.

Often relegated to the world of woo-woo, the practice of medical intuition is receiving interest from people that are disgruntled with the high-tech, low-touch traditional medicine therapies that often don’t yield desired outcomes. Chronic fatigue, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, diabetes, insomnia, hormone and thyroid disorders, cancer and ADHD have become mainstream buzzwords, and their incidence is on the rise, consuming the minds and lives of millions. Many people are tired of being sick and feeling leashed by a seemingly never-ending barrage of pills, and the cost is spiraling out of sight.

A skilled medical intuitive can help detect the root cause of a variety of conditions and triggers often overlooked by traditional allopathic protocols, including hidden organ system imbalances, multiple nutritional deficiencies, hidden infectious processes, environmental toxins, lifestyle miscues and more.

A medical intuitive will take a good look, and each one has their own unique way of sensing, seeing, feeling or simply knowing what is out of balance. When the process is properly performed, the intuitive practitioner will complete a full intuitive workup, which includes a scan of hormone and thyroid function and hormone levels and the energetic signatures of the key organs and glands in the body. They may also scan for unwanted microorganisms and unwelcome toxins, such as an overgrowth of the yeast known as Candida albicans, excess viral and bacterial loads and overload of heavy metal toxins such as mercury. Key nutritional deficiencies can also be revealed, as well as trapped emotional blocks and stifled energies, all of which are often the root cause of physical and emotional symptoms.

An important partner and ally in the healthcare field, the medical intuitive can be found as a solo practitioner or as part of a collaborative practice, alongside NMDs, DOs, and M.D.s.

Dr. Emil Faithe is a medical medium and holistic pharmacist in Scottsdale, with more than 30 years of experience in natural and allopathic medicine. He is the author of You Are Sensitive! and Hormone Lies and Thyroid Misunderstandings. For more information, visit

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