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Zafra Practices Intuitive Holistic Healing

 C onnie Zafra is a board-certified holistic health practitioner with 15 years of experience, who specializes in weight issues, fibromyalgia, thyroid and adrenal issues, metabolic syndrome, mold, candida issues, and digestive issues in men and women. She also works with children with ADD/ADHD and with health issues that prevent them from doing their best in school.

She uses a combination of techniques such as body-mind connection, bio-individuality, and digestive and hormonal health. Zafra primarily relies on the detailed intuitive divine guidance she receives for each client, which allows her to have an incredible and complete view of the person’s health. With this, she can determine the root cause of the health issue, as well as the course of action. Using this intuitive guidance helps her clients improve their overall health and experience increased energy very quickly. 

Zafra states, “Having this complete view allows me to understand what’s happening in the body, and to create a personalized plan that’s focused on addressing the root cause issue that is preventing you to attain complete health and a balanced weight. Food is God’s gift to heal our bodies, and there is a reason why natural foods contain so many nutrients, enzymes, cancer-fighting compounds and minerals.”

She notes that combining the right micronutrients at the right time during the day with a positive attitude toward life can help fight disease, but we still need to look at what’s going on inside the body and help it heal with high-quality supplementation of natural and critical compounds.

Remote or in-person sessions are available. For more information, visit or phone 928-274-7013.


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