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Alternative Medicine Solution Boasts Scientific Results

TA-65 for Skin is an anti-aging skin cream and capsule from Alternative Medicine Solution that improves complexion with the cumulative benefits of cellular nourishment, color balance and free radical detoxification. With a patented, all-natural plant-based compound, it provides cosmetic benefits in all layers of the skin.

A randomized study of 54 female subjects recently conducted by Essex Testing Clinic showed that after the application of TA-65 for Skin, it improved skin firmness by 42 percent after two weeks and 89 percent after 12 weeks. TA-65 for Skin also reduced crow's feet/fine lines/wrinkles by 18 percent and redness by 9 percent after 12 weeks. No irritation was observed during the entire test period.

Bestselling author Lloyd Wright created Alternative Medicine Solution and operates one of the most successful alternative medicine pharmacies on the Internet, providing life-saving, superior quality products to both doctors and patients for hepatitis C, cancer, autoimmune diseases, anti-aging, cirrhosis, fibrosis, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, liver disease and more.

To receive the best price guarantee and free shipping for TA-65MD, call 877-676-1615 and mention Natural Awakenings. Also visit