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Prolotherapy Allows the Body to Heal Painful Joints: To permanently eliminate joint pain, help your body create a healing environment. Dr. Paul Stallone shows us how.

Jul 29, 2015 06:52PM ● By Dr. Paul Stallone

We all know what it’s like to ignore something that hurts. It might be an elbow or a knee. It could be an injury from a recent accident or an old injury from 20 years ago. Wherever the pain, whatever the source, ignoring it isn’t going to help it go away. Covering up the pain with pills or creams only silences a problem the body is trying to vocalize. Before mankind evolved into what we are today, our world was very basic. Pain told us to stop what we were doing. Many people choose to ignore this evolutionary signal and continue with pain.

Pain is more than an annoying sensation; it is part of a bigger system. The pain signal we experience is linked closely with the “fight-or-flight” response, in which our bodies choose how to deal with a stressful situation. This response is very hard and stressful to our bodies, and constant pain triggers may eventually lead to serious health complications.

There are basically two ways these sensations travel to the brain. The first is in the form of sharp, stabbing pain, which is delivered very quickly and is considered acute pain. The second form manifests as a continuous dull ache that travels slowly and usually comes from a chronic condition. We can experience both forms of pain at the same time and in different ways; however, acute pain often comes on instantly from an injury like a fall, while the chronic pain may develop years later.

Most of the acute pain we experience in life will resolve itself without intervention because our bodies are designed to regenerate and repair. However, some areas of the body lack the essential environment needed to facilitate complete healing. This is when we start to notice pain, and as we ignore it, the more intense it becomes. Joints are notorious areas that do not heal properly. The very structure of a joint has limited blood flow, and with little blood, the area won’t receive oxygen and other nutrients needed to heal all damage or wear and tear.

To permanently eliminate joint pain, we need to help our body create a healing environment. A quick, 30-minute procedure by a qualified physician can do just that. Prolozone is an injection technique to help regenerate, strengthen and repair most joint pain. The concept is an easy one—an injection of ozone and other substances helps the body produce collagen that may reconstruct compromised tissue in and around a joint. Many people only need a few sessions before they are pain-free. Unlike cortisone injections, Prolozone treatments do not cover up the pain, they may actually heal it, and results can be permanent.

When pain isn’t resolving on its own, the healthiest thing to do is address the underlying condition. Prolozone treats the condition, allowing the problem to resolve itself. We shouldn’t ignore any type of pain, because it could be the body’s warning sign of something more serious. Most people are candidates for joint regeneration, but anyone with joint pain will benefit from a holistic approach. When joint pain doesn’t get better, consult with a naturopathic physician promptly, as treatment will be easier and faster the sooner it is addressed.

Paul Stallone, NMD, founded the Arizona Integrative Medical Center, located at 8144 E. Cactus Rd., Ste. 820, in Scottsdale. He combines natural/alternative/conventional treatments to best fit and benefit each individual patient’s needs. For more information, call 480-214-3922 or visit

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