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A Spiritual Perspective on Healing: Rev. Neroli Duffy of The Summit Lighthouse describes the four spiritual keys for balance and wholeness.

Aug 28, 2015 07:18AM ● By Rev. Neroli Duffy

Healing and wholeness is needed by so many people at this time, whether personal healing or healing for our family, friends and loved ones. Entire communities and nations need healing and the healing of the planet is something that many are concerned about.

More and more, people are complaining of a lack of balance in their lives. Their stress levels are often off the chart as they juggle all the elements of their life. They want to understand why they are hurting, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. They may be doing all that they can to heal themselves by pursuing a good diet, incorporating yoga and all forms of exercise into their life and using meditation and alternative healing techniques, yet wholeness still eludes them. Many also speak of a soul pain that gnaws within. One and all, they just want to know what they can do to feel relief from their burdens and a sense of hope that there is the possibility that they can become whole at all levels.

There are the four simple keys that we need to bring healing at all levels of our being, beginning with our spirit. The core condition of our spirit determines the vibrancy of our health and is the wellspring of our life. We are not just our physical body. We are a magnificent spiritual being that happens to be wearing a physical body. We also have other vehicles, other clothing for the soul. We think, we have feelings and desires, and we have a soul memory of the past that we bring with us. We have a mental body, a desire body and a memory or spiritual/etheric body, as well as a physical body. Corresponding to four of the five the elements used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, these four bodies are the “coats of skins” that clothe the soul. Here are the four spiritual keys/techniques for balance and wholeness within the four levels of being.

The Light Within: Healing of the Spirit

The source of all our healing is the light within. When we access the light of our higher self through prayer, meditation, mantra and simple spiritual techniques, we can swiftly bring about the healing of spirit and soul in the etheric body.

The Emerald Green Ray: Healing of the Mind

This beautiful, healing, green light is for the healing of the mental body and the God-control of the thoughts and the mind.

The Violet Flame: Healing of the Emotions

The light of forgiveness and the high frequency energy of the violet flame can bring about the healing of the emotional body, bringing rest and comfort to those feelings that simply won’t let up.

The Healing Thought Form: Healing of the Body

The archangel of healing brings us the gift of the healing thought-form to provide the healing of the physical body, as well.

The healing and the relief that we seek can come on the wings of angels—gently, but at deep levels of our being. These same principles can be applied for the healing of anyone or anything—our child, our city or our planet. 

True healing—body, mind and soul—is a process that is both an art and a science. It takes patience, consistency and love to heal our soul and spirit. It begins with our own blueprint for healing as we apply these four simple keys for balance and wholeness.

Rev. Neroli Duffy is co-author of Wanting to Live: Overcoming the Seduction of Suicide. For more information, visit

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