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Finding Connection Through Creativity

Sep 30, 2015 07:36PM ● By Allura Westly

Connection is the direct experience of a deeper sense of reality. That is what ultimately drives the creative urge and makes the artist’s journey worth taking. It is a craving to open to a powerful energy source and have it operate through them to create something of remarkable beauty.

James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy, wrote: “Where attention goes, energy flows.” Faced with a blank canvas, the painter formulates a vision; a creative intention, quiets the mind through concentration and becomes an instrument for spirit to express itself. This process gives access to a state of present moment focus that penetrates superficial appearances, opening up a world from which they draw the magic to bring a subject to life.

This process of inspiration, which literally means to draw in spirit, is known as connecting to the muse. When we begin to see through our eyes rather than with them, the psyche will develop the most colorful dreams and answers to the challenges of everyday life will come effortlessly.  

The journey, which is everything, is exciting and exhilarating, taking a risk on a white canvas, never knowing what will appear. It is a magical mystery tour, an empty-handed leap into the abyss of the uncertain moment, giving us a meditative experience that can take us beyond the boundaries of time and space. It creates aliveness, accelerating healing in all dimensions and producing a journey into the world of color, composition and flow.   

The artist uses all their faculties; mental, emotional and spiritual, when working on a piece of art. If the subject is inspiring, the connection becomes so lucid that one loses perspective of time. Hours pass unnoticed as something impressive emerges.

Meditation and creativity create space in the human mind, allowing for the artist’s inner genius to penetrate their very being. Connection is the sought-after experience. Creativity opens the door wide for that broader perspective to flow with the greatest of ease, giving it a sense of great achievement with every stroke of the brush we load with color. The challenge is great, and not always met, spurring the artist on to greater heights of accomplishment.

Allura Westly is a master watercolor artist and watercolor teacher. See her work at For classes or private lessons, call 602-469-0524 or email [email protected].

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