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Dr. Paul Stallone Offers Wide Range of Naturopathic Solutions: Natural Awakenings magazine profiles Dr. Paul Stallone of the Arizona Integrative Medical Center, in Scottsdale.

Nov 01, 2015 05:04PM ● By By Martin Miron

Naturopathic physician Paul Stallone treats a variety of patients in his Scottsdale office. Having graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences over 14 years ago has provided him the experience needed to treat almost any patient. Stallone utilizes holistic principles when customizing wellness plans for each of his patient’s recovery. Many of today's patients are seeking both alternative and conventional options for illness and chronic conditions.

“Many patients are getting frustrated with allopathic medicine and are searching for alternatives.   I have been helping a lot of people with blood-borne issues like bone marrow cancer and lymphoma. We are seeing an increase in patients who are better informed about alternative treatments and finding that these unique treatments can be very effective,” he states.

When treating any disease, whether it's cancer or hepatitis C, Stallone uses an array of modalities including nutrition/supplements, homeopathy, detoxification, joint manipulation, therapeutic injections, oxygen/ozone therapy, intravenous nutritional/vitamin therapy, hormone therapy, sports medicine, pain management, pharmaceutical drugs and botanical medicine to effectively treat the root cause of disease. A vital part of treating disease is understanding what system within the body malfunctioned. One factor that can lead to disease is food. Many people underestimate the importance of a healthy diet. Food can be considered harmful or medicinal, depending on what's consumed.

“I believe that many of the modern diseases that we see are linked to the foods we eat. The need to consume from local and organic sources has never been more important. Pasture-raised meats and dairy provide more nutrients than the commercially, mass produced counterparts, not to mention the humane factor. The philosophies those farmers stand by are essential for us to maintain and continue our good health,” says the doctor.

Stallone advises people to be aware of food sensitivity issues, saying, “While foods may be good for us nutritionally, they may not always be the best for us after a food sensitivity has developed. Certain foods like broccoli or apples may be golden for one person and a nightmare for another, causing symptoms like migraines, joint pain, or weight gain. The proper way to determine this is through testing for food sensitivities. Once a food blueprint has been provided from blood work, choosing the best local and organic foods becomes a lot easier and overall health should improve.”

Stallone offers non-surgical aesthetic options for patients wanting to look on the outside as good as they feel on the inside. Advanced Skin Solutions, founded by Dr. Stallone, provides products like Botox Cosmetic, Dysport, Restylane, Sculptra, Juvaderm and Perlane. Treatments for acne and sun damage along with medical peels and a full skin care line are available following a free aesthetic consultation.

For a limited time, his office is offering a fall special on Sculptra; $500 per vial (half off the retail price) with results lasting up to two years.

Dr. Paul Stallone is located at 8144 E. Cactus Rd., Ste. 820, in Scottsdale. For more information, call 480-214-3922 or visit

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